Christian Haas

German designer Christian Haas’ collection seamlessly merges the modesty and complexity inherent in the Japanese aesthetic sense. Starting out with a comparative study of Asian and European table-setting styles, the collection’s plates and bowls have been redefined in terms of shape and size to imbue them with a functionality that transcends whether the item is being used in an Asian or Western dining setting. Despite their unassuming appearance and simple to use form, turning them over reveals an unexpected yet captivating design. In spite of the simplicity of Haas’ design, he has discovered a new sense of value through his uncompromising pursuit of beauty as imparted in the collection’s detail.


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Designer's Profile

German born Industrial Designer Christian Haas began working in Munich before opening his Paris Studio in 2007, a move that would extend his personal and brand portfolio through multiple disciplines from porcelain, glassware and lighting to furniture and interior design. Since 2014, Studio Christian Haas is based in Porto, Portugal.
Haas works with renown companies such as Christofle, Rosenthal, Villeroy & Boch and Theresienthal for whom he creates products that are a playful harmony between sobriety and style, using both pure and inspired lines. 'Focus The Unknown' is a recent collection for Theresienthal where subtle linear and colour elements are layered for elegant tromp l’oeil effects.

ドイツ生まれ。ミュンヘンを拠点として活動を始める。2007年にはパリにスタジオを構え、磁器、ガラス製品、照明、家具、インテリアデザインと様々な分野へとデザイン活動を広げる。2014年からはポルトガルのポルトをスタジオの拠点としている。Christofle、Rosenthal、Villeroy & Boch 、Theresienthalなど、世界の名だたるブランドにデザインを提供している。カジュアルとドラマチックを行き来する完璧なバランスが取れる彼の作品からは、日常と非日常を同時に見ることができる。最近の作品、Theresienthal社のためにデザインされた「Focus The Unknown」では、微妙な線形と色の重なりが上品なトロンプルイユ効果を浮き上がらせている

Desinger's photo: Kenta Hasegawa Product's photo: Yasunori Shimomura
Christian Haas Collection
Espresso Cup / White
Espresso Cup / Gray
Espresso Cup / Pink
Coffee Cup / White
Coffee Cup / Gray
Coffee Cup / Pink
Tea Cup / White
Tea Cup / Gray
Tea Cup / Pink
Plate 120 / White
Plate 120 / Gray
Plate 120 / Pink
Plate 150 / White
Plate 180 / White
Plate 210 / White
Plate 240 / White
Plate 270 / White
Deep Plate 90 / White
Deep Plate 90 / Gray
Deep Plate 90 / Pink
Deep Plate 150 / White
Deep Plate 150 / Gray
Deep Plate 150 / Pink
Deep Plate 180 / White
Deep Plate 240 / White
Bowl 120 / White
Bowl 120 / Gray
Bowl 120 / Pink
Bowl 150 / White
Bowl 150 / Gray
Bowl 150 / Pink
Bowl 180 / White
Bowl 180 / Gray
Bowl 180 / Pink
Bowl 240 / White
Serving Tray / White