Christien Meindertsma

In return for the precious Japanese ceramics that 16th century Dutch traders returned laden with to The Netherlands, they presented the Shogun of the day with a ceremonial gift of Dutch linen cloth. From this origin, Dutch designer, Christien Meindertsma has come up with ‘Porcelain & Linen,’ a new range of Arita-ware celebrating this historical relationship. Using linen cloth, Meindertsma created models of cups, plates and bowls which were then reconstructed in ceramic form. This collection also makes use of a common glaze type, as well as a newly-developed glaze made from recycling the broken ceramic shards discarded by the 10 potteries contributing to the 2016/ project.


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Designer's Profile

Christien Meindertsma is an exciting young designer who uses her work to explore the life of products and of raw materials. She often turns her attention to a single product or process and studies it in great detail. The documentation for her study is sometimes the end product, as in Checked Baggage where Christien categorised 3267 items from a confiscated shipping container and PIG 05049 in which she lists an astounding array of products made with different parts of a pig called 05049. With this project Christien reveals the increasingly invisible links between raw materials, producers and products. Similarly, with her product designs Christien Meindertsma aims to regain an understanding of processes that have become distant or lost. Her work has been exhibited in MOMA, The Victoria & Albert Museum and the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. Meinderstsma has won three Dutch Design Awards in 2008 and an Index award in 2009 for PIG 05049.

オランダを拠点に原材料とその製品の関係を探求し、1つの製品やその成り立ちを細かくリサーチするデザインアプローチで国内外のクライアントを持つ。押収された輸送コンテナから集めた3267点のアイテムを分類した本『Checked Baggage』や、05049と呼ばれた一匹のブタから作られる200近くにも及ぶ製品をリスト化した『PIG 05049』という作品のように、リサーチの記録自体も作品の一部となる。これらの作品によって原材料と生産者と製品の関係を視覚化し、同様に工業化で見えなくなってきたプロダクト製品の製造過程の理解を取り戻すということを目的としている。作品は、MoMAやクーパー・ヒューイット国立デザイン博物館、ヴィクトリア&アルバート博物館で展示されている。ダッチデザインアワード(2008年)やインデックスアワード(2009年)など受賞。

Desinger's photo: Kenta Hasegawa Product's photo: Yasunori Shimomura
Christien Meindertsma Collection
Cup / White
Cup / Sprinkles
Espresso Cup / White
Espresso Cup / Sprinkles
Coffee Cup / White
Coffee Cup / Sprinkles
Plate 140 / White
Plate 140 / Sprinkles
Plate 180 / White
Plate 180 / Sprinkles
Plate 220 / White
Plate 220 / Sprinkles
Bowl 140 / White
Bowl 140 / Sprinkles
Bowl 200 / White
Bowl 200 / Sprinkles
Spoon / White
Spoon / Sprinkles
Pitcher / White
Pitcher / Sprinkles