Editions SeriesScholten & Baijings

In twenty-seven dishes Scholten & Baijings celebrate the beauty of 400 years of Arita
porcelain and demonstrate what a rich source of inspiration traditional Aritaware can
offer contemporary design. Exploring Arita’s outstanding examples of hand-painting, they
reviewed hundreds of pieces and came across countless techniques showing incredible
Almost every dish is carefully hand-painted by the skilled craftspeople in Arita. Hand-
painting with this level of sensitivity is an especially remarkable talent of Arita and particular
to the Hataman Touen pottery. Scholten & Baijings have chosen to celebrate this unique
skill but rather than use recognisable imagery as would be customary, Scholten & Baijings
have instead applied patterns that are abstractions of traditional motifs.
Scholten & Baijings studied Arita’s historical porcelain collections, systematically rummaged
through books, museums and the archives of their collaborating pottery, Hataman Touen,
making note of the finest examples of hand-painted Aritaware. Long forgotten techniques were
rediscovered and later brought back to life in the final works. The designers deconstructed
their selected examples, reducing them to single components. They dissected, distilled,
abstracted and then reassembled the imagery to leave them with a palette of shape, colour
and technique.
All the dishes have origins in actual historical forms. But when these were superimposed
on one another – by combining two, or even three outlines – complex new shapes emerged
that could only be produced with the help of the latest technology. Supported by the Saga
Ceramics Research Laboratory in Arita, the highly detailed moulds were produced by 3D
printing and 5 Axis CNC milling


Designer's Profile

Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings established their eponymous design studio in 2000. Since then they have quickly established themselves as amongst the most sought after international design talents. Scholten & Baijings frequently combine minimal forms with a characteristic use of colour and harness both traditional craft techniques and industrial production in a distinctive style. Scholten & Baijings consistently produce work that is both critically acclaimed and commercially successful.
They have worked with prestigious institutions such as the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and The Victoria & Albert Museum plus an impressive list of manufacturers such as Maharam, Established & Sons, Hay, Pastoe, Karimoku New Standard, 1616 / arita japan, Mini, Georg Jensen, Moooi, J. Hill’s Standard. Scholten & Baijings have won many design awards. Amongst them their fourth Dutch Design Award, won in 2014, several coveted Wallpaper* awards and the ELLE Decoration International Design Award for Young Designer Talent in 2011 and in 2014 for their Colour Porcelain collection for 1616 / arita japan.

ステファン・ショルテンとキャロル・バーイングスの二人によって、2000年 に彼らの名を冠したデザインスタジオを設立。綿密なリサーチにより、モノの背後に潜む文化的、芸術的コンテクストを探りながら、シンプルな形態と特徴的な 色使いを融合し、伝統的な手技技巧と独特の工業生産を取り入れたオリジナリティあふれる作品は、世界的にも高い評価を得ている。
主なクライアントはクーパー・ヒューイット国立デザイン博物館やヴィクトリア&アルバート博物館といった著名な美術館や、Maharam, エスタブリッシュド&サンズ、HAY、Pastoe、「KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD」、「1616 / arita japan」、Mini、ジョージ・ジェンセン、Moooi、J. Hill’s Standardといったブランドを手がける。ダッチデザインアワードを四度受賞、ウォール ペーパーデザインアワード、エル・デコ インターナショナルデザイン アワード(EDIDA)ヤングデザインタレント 2011など受賞多数。1616 / arita japan「カラーポーセリン」シリーズは「エル・デコ インターナショナルデザイン アワード(EDIDA)2013」のテーブルウェア部門グランプリを受賞した。


Desinger's photo: Kenta Hasegawa Product's photo: Takumi Ota