Kirstie van Noort

Dutch designer Kirstie van Noort only started the design process following her own rigorous material research. Visiting the local quarry, she came to learn that the porcelain stone used in Arita contains hardly any impurities, a phenomenon extremely rare in itself and those that do are typically discarded. So, she chose to focus on the traditionally discarded impure porcelain stone and develop a clay with a beautifully nuanced hue, just as nature had intended. Both series in her collection highlight this unique colouring and the nature of the material while retaining an elegant simplicity of composition.


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Designer's Profile

A recent graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Kirstie van Noort runs her own design studio in The Netherlands. Van Noort is especially interested in ceramics and ceramic production, her work to date is a continuation of her well received graduation project Ceramic Paint/Collection Cornwall.
She sees design as a way to communicate a certain process or the story behind a material. When she is intrigued by one of these she conducts a detailed study, this research informs the concept behind the final product or the research becomes the work itself. Van Noort’s work has been featured in several international design publications including Metropolis and Elle Decoration magazines.

1986 年オランダ生まれ。Design Academy Eindhoven を2011年に卒業後、自身のスタジオStudio Kirstie van Noort を設立、アイントホーヘンを拠点に活動している。卒業プロジェクト“Ceramic Paint / Collection Cornwall “では、陶芸家のFrans Ottink に協力を得て共同制作を行う。在学中には、ギャラリーのコミッションワークも手がけている。土、釉薬についてその都度さまざまなリサーチを行い、陶磁器についての知識と経験を積みながら、セラミック陶器のプロダクトを中心に様々なプロジェクトを展開している。

Desinger's photo: Kenta Hasegawa Product's photo: Yasunori Shimomura
Kirstie van Noort Collection
Cup S / Gray Clay
Cup S / Spray Color
Cup L / Gray Clay
Cup L / Spray Color
Plate 160 / Gray Clay
Plate 160 / Spray Color
Plate 210 / Gray Clay
Plate 210 / Spray Color
Plate 250 / Gray Clay
Plate 250 / Spray Color
Deep Plate 180 / Gray Clay
Deep Plate 180 / Spray Color
Deep Plate 220 / Gray Clay
Deep Plate 220 / Spray Color
Bowl 120 / Gray Clay
Bowl 120 / Spray Color
Bowl 190 / Gray Clay
Bowl 190 / Spray Color