Pauline Deltour

French designer Pauline Deltour took huge inspiration from the manufacturing techniques particular to Arita. Using the ceramic feet that traditional Japanese drinking vessels have retained as a design motif, Deltour has created a distinct series that will not fail to leave an impression. For her own collection, she learned about the typology of plates and cups in everyday use across Asia and Europe, as well as striving to find an appropriate balance in terms of shape, proportion, volume and way of handling. She has made use of a fresh approach in coming up with a glaze colour that drew on the dark blue, brick and celadon colours found regularly in traditional Japanese ceramics.


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Designer's Profile

Pauline Deltour lives and works in Paris where she previously studied applied art and design at the Olivier de Serres (ENSAAMA) and industrial design at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD). Afterward Deltour worked as a designer and a project leader at Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design studio in Munich before opening her own practice.
Deltour has produced office equipment for Muji, cups and bags for discipline and sophisticated accessories for Puiforcat. Graphic lines and formal shapes are frequent characteristics of Detour’s work although an inherent playfulness is also discernable. Among her clients are: Alessi, Puiforcat, Discipline, Designerbox, Kvadrat, Japan Creative, Muji, LaCie and Lexon. Deltour also frequently collaborates on various interior architecture projects for clients such as Balmain, Babolat and Ateliers de Paris.

パリでアプライドアート& デザインを学んだ後、ENSAAMA でデザインを学ぶ。2006 年~2009 年までKonstantinGrcic Industrial Design(ドイツ)でプロジェクトリーダーに従事した後に独立。2010 年 からパリを拠点に活動する。インテリアプロダクトを中心に、テーブルウェア、バッグ、ステーショナリー、アクセサリーなどのデザインを行う。また、近年は 公共スペースのデザインやコミッションワークも手がける。制約の中で、与えられた素材の可能性を追求し、これまでになかった新しいデザイン言語を創造する と同時に、日常の領域に変換するという事に重要性を置いたデザインアプローチを行い、国際的な評価を受ける。

Desinger's photo: Kenta Hasegawa Product's photo: asunori Shimomura
Pauline Deltour Collection
Cup S / White
Cup S / Celadon, White
Cup S / White, Dark Blue
Cup L / White
Cup L / Celadon, White
Cup L / White, Dark Blue
Tea Cup / White
Tea Cup / White, Celadon
Tea Cup / White, Dark Blue
Saucer / White
Saucer / Celadon
Saucer / Dark Blue
Plate / White
Plate / Celadon
Plate / Dark Blue
Bowl 120 / White
Bowl 120 / White, Celadon
Bowl 120 / Dark Blue
Tray / White
Tray / Dark Blue
Sugar Pot / White
Sugar Pot / White, Dark Blue
Sugar Pot / Dark Blue
Tea Pot / White
Tea Pot / White, Dark Blue
Tea Pot / Celadon, White
Flower Vase S / White, Celadon, White
Flower Vase S / Red, White, White
Flower Vase S / White, Dark Blue, Red
Flower Vase L / White, Dark Blue, Celadon
Flower Vase L / White, White, Red