Stefan Diez

German designer Stefan Diez developed this tableware series that is striving to become a modern standard, having meticulously researched the cultural balance that exists between the Asian and Western approaches to food. One result of contemporary efficient manufacturing is that much of the porcelain produced today has lost its former exclusivity, a fact that led Diez to have misgivings about this shift towards standardisation and instead to propose a modern-day collection that still sought out the cherished skills of the craftsman. This beautiful tableware series is defined by each object’s delicate lines running uninterrupted from the sides to the interior.


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Designer's Profile

Stefan Diez works intensively with materials, technology and is passionate in his quest to fathom out their limitations. Together with his office they develop products that are precise, yet simple and above all are meant to meet human needs. Diez has long-standing relationships with brands such as e15, HAY, Thonet and Wilkhahn for whom he produces a wide range of products from furniture and tableware to industrial design.
Stefan Diez’s life in furniture design started in 1991 when he worked as a cabinet maker before going on to study industrial design at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart in where he attained a Diploma in Industrial Design. He founded his studio in 2003 and since then has worked in various fields of design. Diez has received international design awards, among them the IF Gold award, the Red Dot Best of the Best Award, Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland and the German Design Award.

ドイツ生まれ。1991年から家具職人として働いたあと、シュトゥットガルト造形美術大学でインダストリアルデザインを学ぶ。2003 年 に自身のスタジオを設立。素材と技術を徹底的に研究し、それらの限界と可能性を理解することに取り組むアプローチで数多くの製品をデザインする。機能から 導かれたシンプルで完璧な、そして人々の要求に応えるようなデザインが特徴。家具、テーブルウェア、インダストリアルデザインや展示デザインまで手がける 領域は広範囲に渡り、e15、HAY、Thonet 、ウィルクハーンといったブランドと長くコラボレーションしている。iFゴールドアワード、レッド・ドット・デザインアワードベスト・オブ・ザ・ベスト、ドイツ・デザイン賞といった国際的な賞を多数受賞している。

Desinger's photo: Kenta Hasegawa Product's photo: Yasunori Shimomura
Stefan Diez Collection
Cup S / White
Cup L / White
Espresso Cup / White
Coffee Cup / White
Plate 110 / White
Plate 140 / White
Plate 200 / White
Plate 260 / White
Oval Plate 240 / White
Oval Plate 310 / White
Deep Plate 250 / White
Bowl 110 / White
Bowl 140 / White
Bowl 200 / White
Serving Bowl 200 / White
Oval Bowl 230 / White
Oval Bowl 250 / White
Tea Pot S / White
Tea Pot L / White
Grater / White
Mortar / White
Pestle / White
Salt Saucer / White
Serving Dish 90 / White
Pitcher / White