Swedish-based design team TAF have come up with a collection for the everyday which can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of age. When a child’s large dinner plate can double up as an adult’s side dish, versatility in design is clearly being prioritised over rigid conformity to designated purposes of use. In essence, this collection will inspire the user’s imagination to create their own subtle and rewarding interaction with the pieces. Offering motifs such as melting ice and stamps, this new series arrives brimming with playful ideas and inspiration.


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Designer's Profile

TAF is a Stockholm based design and architecture studio founded by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom in 2002. This multidisciplinary studio is concerned with designing products and interiors for everyday use – their work includes everything from a doctors surgery to lighting, a staircase, furniture. A sense of humour and a thought-provoking attitude to materials and forms is common practice. A series of tables inspired by the little-seen underside of furniture or a lighting collection that takes the rubber band as its starting point reveal the characteristic TAF approach.
TAF have produced many commercially successful products for
manufacturers such as Muuto, Zero, Nola and Karimoku New Standard. The studio has been exhibited at MoMA and its designs are now part of the permanent collections of Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen.

ガブリエラ・グスタフソンとマティアス・ストールボムによって、2002年 にストックホルムで結成された建築デザインスタジオ。ユーモア感覚とマテリアルや形への示唆に富む視点が特徴的で、建築からインテリア、プロダクツを中心 に手術室、照明、階段、家具など数多くの日常使いのデザインを手がける。建築やデザインの存在、機能が日常生活において、主張しすぎることなく効果的に影 響するか、自身の普遍的な提案が特別な状況を生み出すかということを念頭に活動を続けている。MuutoやZero、Nola、KARIMOKU NEW STANDARDといったブランドとコラボレーションした作品は商業的に成功し、MoMAでも展示され、ストックホルムのスウェーデン国立博物館やデザイン ミュージアム・デンマークといった国際的に著名な美術館のパーマネントコレクションになっている。


Desinger's photo: Kenta Hasegawa Product's photo: Yasunori Shimomura
TAF Collection
Mug / White
Mug / Pistachio
Cup / White
Cup / Clay Beige
Cup / Blue
Cup / Bird:Blue
Cup / Bird:Red
Cup / Cat:Blue
Cup / Cat:Red
Cup / Monkey:Blue
Cup / Monkey:Red
Plate 130 / White
Plate 130 / Blue
Plate 130 / Pistachio
Plate 190 / White
Plate 190 / Clay Beige
Plate 240 / White
Plate 240 / Clay Beige
Deep Plate 190 / White
Deep Plate 190 / Clay Beige
Bowl 130 / White
Bowl 130 / Blue
Bowl 130 / Pistachio
Oval Bowl / White
Oval Bowl / Apricot
Pitcher / White
Pitcher / Blue, Red
Tray / White
Tray / Clay Beige
Tray / Apricot
Tray / Pistachio