Tomás Alonso

London-based designer Tomás Alonso has fashioned a collection comprising of a series of containers of basic geometric shape, colour and size. These containers are not designed to be used solely for a prescribed function, rather to be freely arranged according to each varying context. This contemporary range offers total freedom of use, whether the containers act as desktop storage devices, simple ornaments or for serving food at the dining table, Alonso is highlighting that versatility and choice are paramount.


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Designer's Profile

Born in Vigo, Spain, Tomás Alonso has been travelling since the age of 19 to pursue his career as a designer. He has been living, studying and working in the USA, Italy and Australia before moving to London to complete a MA at the Royal College of Art.
In 2006 he co-founded the design collective OKAYstudio with 5 other graduates from the RCA. His work has been widely published and exhibited around the world; from the Design Museum or Aram gallery in London to galleries and exhibitions in Italy, Spain, France, USA, Canada or Japan. Amongst other awards he has been chosen as Designer of the Year 2013 by AD magazine in Spain, Young Designer of the Year by Elle Deco Japan in 2012 and Elle Deco Spain in 2011.
His practice, based in North East London, works in furniture, product, lighting, interior and exhibition design and its clients range from international producers to selected design galleries and museums.
He combines his research and commercial design work with occasional teaching and workshops; most recently teaching the product design Master course at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

スペイン、ヴィゴ生まれ。19歳からデザイナーとしてのキャリアを積むべく旅を始める。アメリカ、イタリア、オーストラリアでの生活、勉強、仕事を経験後、RCA(イギリス)でMA を取得する。
2006 年にRCAの卒業生5 名とOKAYstudio 結成。 現在はノースイーストロンドンを拠点として、国際的なブランド、デザインギャラリー・美術館をクライアントに、家具、照明、インテリアデザイン、エキシビションデザイン、ワークショップを行う他、スイスのECALでMAプロダクトデザインの教鞭も執っている。彼の作品は、デザイン・ミュージアムや著名なギャラリーで展示され、イタリア、スペイン、フランス、米国、カナダ、日本での展覧会も数多く行われている。AD誌のDesigner of the Yearに選ばれたほか、2012年Elle Decor Japan と 2011年Elle Decor SpainのYoung Designer of the Yearにも選出されており、スイスのECALでMAプロダクトデザインの教鞭もとっている。

Desinger's photo: Kenta Hasegawa Product's photo: Yasunori Shimomura
Tomás Alonso Collection
Cup S / White
Cup S / Black
Cup S / Light Blue
Cup L / White
Cup L / Black
Cup L / Light Green
Plate 180 / White
Plate 180 / Black
Plate 180 / Dark Blue
Plate 260 / White
Plate 260 / Black
Plate 260 / Gray
Half Plate 100 / White
Half Plate 100 /
Half Plate 100 / Gray
Half Plate 200 / White
Half Plate 200 / Black
Half Plate 200 / Red
Half Deep Plate 200 / White
Half Deep Plate 200 / Black
Half Deep Plate 200 / Light Blue
Quarter Plate 100 / White
Quarter Plate 100 / Black
Quarter Plate 100 / Beige
Quarter Deep Plate 100 / White
Quarter Deep Plate 100 / Black
Quarter Deep Plate 100 / Dark Blue
Pen Holder / White
Pen Holder / Dark Green
Tray / White
Tray / Beige
Vase S / White
Vase S / Black
Vase S / Light Green
Vase L / White
Vase L / Black
Vase L / Dark Green
Ring / White
Ring / Red