Saucer / White SprinkleSaucer / White SprinkleSaucer / White Sprinkle
Saucer / White SprinkleSaucer / White SprinkleSaucer / White Sprinkle

Saucer / White Sprinkle

 ¥1,210 (taxin)

Swiss-based design trio BIG-GAME have created a range of kitchen items featuring a coffee set with kettle and pot that lets fresh drip coffee be fully flavoured. Although the collection’s defining characteristic lies in simplicity of form, it still makes use of the most advanced materials and cutting edge ceramic processes. Being porous, this ceramic coffee filter acts as a percolating device allowing the coffee’s gentle taste to be savoured. Due to the heat-resistant nature of the clay used, the kettle and cooking pot can be warmed over an open fire, in an oven or microwave. The pieces can then be used to directly transfer food to the family table as they serve equally as well as tableware. This is a beautiful design range with great versatility in everyday use.

Product Number

φ100 H11

Product Information

This product can be used as a saucer for the Coffee Cup S / Coffee Cup L within the BIG-GAME Collection.

  • It can be used in direct fire and oven.
  • Please do not boil with no water as it will cause breakage.
  • Does not support IH.
  • It is developed especially for the series and may be found irregular part on the surface and each items could be different.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • A part of the photograph is an image of the example of use. If the specifications differ from the actual product Please note that there may be cases where.