Plate 220 / Dark Red/Red
Plate 220 / Dark Red/Red

Plate 220 / Dark Red/Red

 ¥13,200 (taxin)


Swiss design duo Kueng Caputo proposed creating a collection that truly pushed Arita’s renowned craftsmanship to its maximum limits. Even today, a range of procedures in Arita’s ceramic industry are still carried out by hand especially those processes heavily reliant on extreme attention to detail. The standout characteristics of this series, comprising a flower vase, plate and bowl are the geometric forms sculpted by the craftsman and the use of an airbrush known as fukitsuki or ‘airblast’ which harnessed a special technique to apply subtle gradations of colour to the pieces.This intentional application of graded colour by the craftsmen involved gives this collection its outstanding geometric appearance.

Kueng Caputo
Product Number

W226 D157 H35

  • It is ornamental therefore please do not use as tableware to serve food.
  • Each product is spray glazed by a craftsman, each product could be slightly different gradient.
  • Please note that any yellow tint appeared on the product surface is natural effect of diatomite. Because of its natural material and special moulding process, it sometimes appears on the surface, however this effect will not be dealt as defective items.
  • It does not support dishwasher and microwave.
  • A part of the photograph is an image of the example of use. If the specifications differ from the actual product Please note that there may be cases where.