Tea Pot / White/Dark Blue
Tea Pot / White/Dark Blue

Tea Pot / White/Dark Blue

 ¥20,900 (taxin)


French designer Pauline Deltour took huge inspiration from the manufacturing techniques particular to Arita. Using the ceramic feet that traditional Japanese drinking vessels have retained as a design motif, Deltour has created a distinct series that will not fail to leave an impression. For her own collection, she learned about the typology of plates and cups in everyday use across Asia and Europe, as well as striving to find an appropriate balance in terms of shape, proportion, volume and way of handling. She has made use of a fresh approach in coming up with a glaze colour that drew on the dark blue, brick and celadon colours found regularly in traditional Japanese ceramics.
Pauline Deltour
Product Number

φ138 W215 H137



  • The capacity is indicated when the container is filled with water.
  • With stainless tea strainer.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.(A tea strainer does not support dishwasher and microwave.)
  • A part of the photograph is an image of the example of use. If the specifications differ from the actual product Please note that there may be cases where.