Bracelet DRAKE CUFF No.1 / Gold Scales
Bracelet DRAKE CUFF No.1 / Gold Scales

Bracelet DRAKE CUFF No.1 / Gold Scales

 ¥28,600 (taxin)
German-based jewellery designer Saskia Diez has designed a porcelain jewellery range based on the ubiquitous Japanese design motif of scales. Various motifs exist and are commonly evident in Japanese design including fish (notably carp), dragon and serpent scales, each imparting its own symbolic meaning, for example, dragon scales imply wisdom and virtue, whereas carp scales signify determination and bravery. These symbolic ornaments and motifs abundant in Japan all contain their own deep meaning, however in the realm of jewellery design no such rich legacy exists as yet, a fact Diez is looking to address with her new series. While still employing a contemporary design in her jewellery range, she is keen that the motifs also articulate a deeper, hidden meaning.
Saskia Diez
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φ65 H45

  • Saskia Diez Collection offers porcelain jewelry.
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